Lex: continuing coverage

13 03 2018

When one embarks on a research-recovery project, part of the hope is always that the research might help the subject to become better known. My exhibition and publication on German artist Alice Lex-Nerlinger are now nearly two years old, which in academic circles can feel like very old news, but I’m excited by the bits and pieces that continue to come to the surface from the project.

lex book cover preview

Jay Clarke recently wrote a lovely review of the book for Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Woman’s Art Journal (which unfortunately isn’t viewable online but they kindly sent me a PDF to share with the museum folks in Berlin).

Lynette Roth, the curator of Inventur: Art in Germany 1943-55, currently on view at the Harvard Art Museums, saw the Lex show back in 2016 and subsequently included Lex in her curatorial project. I won’t get to see the show but I hope to see the catalogue soon.

And there’s a lovely tribute to Lex’s work on the site On This Date in Photography, full of images.


Lex Wrap-Up

30 04 2016

Five years to the week after I first met with the directors of Das Verborgene Museum to consider a collaboration on the work of Alice Lex, I returned to Berlin for the opening of the retrospective exhibition and for the launch of the book. The entire week was highly celebratory and I cannot imagine a better culmination to a years-long project. Highlights of the week: seeing so many of Lex’s works framed and hung together in a single space, for the first time EVER; finally holding the beautifully designed book in my hands, after so many years of research and writing; giving an address in German at the exhibition opening – nerve-wracking but thrilling; gathering with so many friends from near and far to celebrate the opening; meeting with journalists (Tagesspiegel article here); and talking with Lex’s remaining family members, who seemed just as thrilled as I was to see this project reach completion. As an academic, it was truly rewarding to see that this work actually matters to some real people.

First publicity for the Lex exhibition!

18 02 2016

I began the recovery project on German artist Alice Lex back in 2011 when we moved to Berlin for my research. Between research, writing, and planning with museums, it is now five years later and the project is finally nearing completion. These last few months have entailed much editorial back-and-forth, related both to content and to translation issues (since the book will be dual-language, German and English) and I think we are almost at the finish line. The opening of the exhibition has been set for April 13, 2016 and the first publicity has just been released, which can be read in German here, as well as a preview cover of the book, to be published by Lukas Verlag.

lex book cover preview

Scholarship & Exhibitions

20 01 2010


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Exhibitions (selected)

Taking Care. Upominki. Rotterdam, Netherlands. November 18-25, 2018. (solo)

Listening Across Time. Regier Art Gallery, Bethel College. October 4 – November 2, 2018. (solo)

What We Leave Behind. Lower Level Creative Space, Denver CO. September 4 – October 6, 2017. (solo)

A Hidden Garden. Galeria Zapatista, Mission Grafica. San Francisco CA. May 12 – June 16. 2017. (solo)

After Words. Fisch Haus Studios, Wichita KS. November 27, 2015 – January 31, 2016. (solo)

Paper Cuts. Regier Friesen Gallery, Hesston College. September 9 – October 16, 2015. (solo)

10.14. Robert W. Regier Gallery. Bethel College. September 26 – October 24, 2014. (with David Long)

Through the Eyes of the Mother. Invitational exhibition. Curator: Hye-Seong Tak Lee. Korean Cultural Center. Chicago, IL. February 8-15, 2014.

Those Were the Days. Steckline Gallery, Newman University. Wichita KS. January 27 – February 17, 2012. (solo)

Wunderkammer Portfolio. Southern Graphics Council, St. Louis, MO, March 2011;
University of Louisiana, Lafayette, May 13-June 13, 2011.

Day 2 Day Prints. Arts Center of the Capital Region. Troy, NY. October 29-December 3, 2010.

Tempus Fugit. University of South Dakota, Vermillion. July 5-17, 2010; Mid-America Print Council portfolio exhibition, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, October 13-16, 2010; Scuola di Grafica, Venice, Italy, spring 2011.

Expanded Identities. Arts INKubator Press. Kansas City, MO. January 8-February 1, 2010. (solo)

We, The Mennonites. Robert Wayner / Black Walnut Gallery. Chicago, IL. March 1-31, 2009.

The Printed Image II. Mulvane Art Museum and Sabatini Gallery. Topeka, KS. August 1-September 19, 2008.

Artist Exchange. Salina Art Center. Salina, KS. August 5-31, 2008.