Artist Books

Folding, cutting, printing, stitching – all of these have been entry points for me into the artist book form. I feel fortunate to have studied with highly skilled book artists like Bonnie Stahlecker and Cerese Vaden and to pass along what I have learned, and what I keep learning, to my own undergraduate students. Below is a selection of some recent books:

A fragile creature, she fears rodents, the elements, and clumsy hands, rust prints with cut paper and Coptic stitch, 4×6″
I have stitched the button into a book / stealing it from obscurity, accordion book with pamphlet stitch, 2×1″
Now the garden is gone to seed, monotype prints with Coptic and centipede stitching, 4×5″
Our backyard miracle began on the south side of the house, monoprinting with lotus blossom stitch, 4×6″
We survive storms with laughter, spiral accordion and handmade papers, 3.5″ diameter
Have you planted the marigold seeds that I sent? accordion fold with handmade seeded papers, 4×2.5″


I imagine three nights of full moon, accordion and flower folds with monoprinting, 3×3″