Prints and Paper

I’ve been a printmaker for more than two decades and I have an affinity for all things paper (see my Artist Books page), including paper folding, paper marbling, paper making, paper cutting, paper stitching, etc. Below is a sampling of my prints and paper-based work.

Marbled paper from Pandemic Epistles, a year of daily handwritten correspondence, 2020-21:

Embroidered handmade paper from Valedictions series, 2019-20:

From a series of monotypes incorporating free-hand cut paper, 2015-16:

Artbor 13
Arbor 19

Monotypes with “paper litho” transfers exploring family and cultural heritage, 2010-12

from Those Were the Days series

Cut and pieced relief prints with stitched paper, on the transformations of identity within the life of a family, 2009-10:

Middle Friendship Star, from The Identity Series

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