Books, Books, Books!

After a fantastic week at Frogman’s, working in the studio for hours and hours every day, I came home with much newly acquired knowledge and a handful of handmade books. The focus of the class was on different types of leather book covers and historical bindings, but these can all be done with paper coverings as well. We learned about single quire books with tackets, three-piece case bindings, embossing leather, adapting garment leathers for covers with chain-stitched bindings, inlays versus onlays, and much more. I recycled old prints for new uses, experimented with pop-up books, and created books with coffee-dyed pages. The coolest tool of the week: the Japanese screw punch.


One comment

  1. Good stuff! No, GREAT stuff! Envy you the workshop week. Have had a bit of introduction to bookmaking and have experimented, in workshops and at home…but no experience with leather…

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