Art Lives! An exhibition call for participation

Art Lives!

An exhibition by the Kansas Chapter of The Feminist Art Project
City Arts, Wichita
April 2012

Exhibition Theme

During the past several months, artists, educators, galleries, museums, and other arts organizations in Kansas have sustained serious, sometimes fatal, blows. And yet, art is still alive! Kansas artists and arts advocates have rallied in unprecedented force to campaign for the importance of art and funding for art. This inaugural exhibition of the Kansas Chapter of The Feminist Art Project, to be staged one year after state budget cuts, will connect artists across the state in a collaborative endeavor as we seek to move forward despite constraints. Artists will be paired with colleagues across the state, enlarging each artist’s community and strengthening the Kansas arts network. The work to be exhibited, produced on the theme of “Art Lives!,” will move beyond campaign slogans into serious reflections on the state of the arts in Kansas. 10-15 artist pairings will exhibit the stages of their collaborations: initial works, produced independently;  artistic responses/exchanges; and then, finally, works that result from this artistic dialogue. “Art Lives!” responses may range from graphic, representational works to complete abstraction, or anywhere in between.


*September 30: Each Kansas artist responding to a call for participation will be paired with an artist from elsewhere in the state.

*November 1: each artist pair will have communicated and shared (via email, mail, or studio visit) imagery of a new work on the theme of “Art Lives!”

*January 1: each artist will create and share a second work on the same theme, responding in part to the first work of their artist-partner.

*March 1: artists will produce a third and final piece for exhibition, responding to both the theme and the process: for this third step, artist pairings may choose to produce two independent pieces or one collaborative piece.

*March 15: all works will be delivered to City Arts in exhibition-ready condition. Participating artists will submit brief written responses to the theme and/or the process of collaboration, to be displayed with the work.

*April: exhibition realized!

Interested in participating? Let me know! (comment here or msg me at


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