Today I look forward to attending the opening of Outpost, an exhibition curated by Ann Resnick for the E.B. White Gallery in El Dorado. In Ann’s words, “Life on the perimeter requires different strategies; coping skills, if you will. It takes a deft hand to negotiate boundaries, seen and unseen, with a world that doesn’t recognize where the edge is.” The works in the show all address the notion of boundaries and edges – geographical, psychological, emotional, sexual, social, and political. Outpost features work by Elizabeth Stevenson, Stan Baden, Kenn Bass, Dana Fritz, Matt Blackwell, Levente Sulyok, Cindy Tower, Mike Odom, and Bert Carpenter, along with a catalogue essay by yours truly. I’m particularly excited about Elizabeth Stevenson’s “secret” site-specific installation. A link to the essay and images from the show: here

Outpost runs through March 30, 2012.


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