Food writing

A year or so ago, I saw a call from the Museums and Social Issues journal for writing on recent exhibitions related to food. In late 2009, Ann Resnick organized an exhibition at Project Gallery in Wichita titled “Omnivore’s Delight.” Not only did all of the work have to do with food in some way, with much of the work even being made from food materials, Ann also tied into larger cultural and culinary trends. She organized a community potluck, with food to be brought from community gardens and other local sources, and the work on exhibit, in her words, celebrated “America’s renewed interest in local food, low-impact living, community gardening, and good cooking.” The journal (a themed issue on “Eating Together in Our Changing World”) arrived in the mail today. My piece about the show, “Food: The Medium and the Message,” appears pp.91-94.



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