Postpartum review and installation photos

Thanks to the F5 art magazine for publishing a good review (print and online) of the “Postpartum” exhibition. Click here to read the review. The exhibition was well-attended both at the closing reception and throughout its duration.

What a pleasure to be able to mount this exhibition of diverse work, to expand the idea of postpartum for my students and for the wider community. Thanks to all of the artists who participated!

A few more installation photographs from “Postpartum” at Erman B. White Gallery, El Dorado. March 1 – April 5, 2013.

Merrill Krabill, Untitled, 1994
Merrill Krabill, Untitled, 1994
Sculptures by Debbie Wagner and Merrill Krabill in foreground, paintings by Mariangeles Soto-Diaz in background
Carla Tilghman, Entanglement and Branching Out, both 2002, Jacquard hand-woven
Monica Bock, Afterbirth (Sac Fluid Cord), 1998 (in case); paintings by Barbara Waterman-Peters and scratchboard by Lora Jost in background
Kate Kretz, detail of Art Marks, 2010
Debbie Wagner, Saturation Point, 2011
Monica Bock, Postpartum Miniature, 1999
Jill Miller, The Milk Truck, 2011, screenprint and Kickstarter video
Jess Dobkin, Lactation Station Breastmilk Bar, 2006, video and documentation of performance
Lora Jost, Steamed (2011) and Blessing (2003), both scratchboard

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