Humor Carnival Recap

Throughout much of last week, contributors to Have Milk, Will Travel and other invited writers lit up the blogosphere with their funny, in-the-trenches tales of parenting and breastfeeding. Here’s a recap of their stories:

In “I Will Sleep When I Am Dead,” Zoie at Touchstonez needs some sleep but her kids have other ideas.

In “Laughter or the Looney Bin,” Virginia of ReadyornotMom shares how laughter (and tears) got her, and her husband, through two NICU stays and a whole lot more. “Just call me Bessie… on the go!” shows some love for  a nursing mom without a lot of spare time on her hands.

In “Boobs are in the House,” Jenny of Half Crunchy Mom shares how her love affair with her nursing breasts was hindered only by the act of pumping, but she found a way to party with the pump.

In “Send in the Nipple Clowns,” Kerry of PickleMeThis shares a story in which a mother who hasn’t slept more than three hours in a row for six months reflects back on the comedy of her breastfeeding life.

And from Have Milk contributors:

In “The Importance of Laughter,” Jessica Claire Haney of Crunchy-Chewy Mama gets serious about looking for humor with her kids where her own parents didn’t.

In “Underwater” and “Excuse Me,” Adriann Cocker of Cockerchat muses on the absurdity of parenting while leading a hip loft lifestyle in downtown Los Angeles.


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