A Hidden Garden of Monotypes

Once again this past summer, my dear friend Gail and I traveled north to Vermillion, South Dakota, to take part in the Frogman’s print workshop. (And, as it happens, we were there for the very last one, as Frogman’s will be moving to Omaha, Nebraska beginning in 2016.) This year’s class with Anita Jung on monotypes and monoprints may well have been the best one I’ve taken. Her teaching style and her approach to printmaking gels well with my own and I so appreciated, as always, the dedicated time to focus and explore a medium. I took my interest in paper-cutting and experimented with thin layers of color and color blending in a, for me, very new way. One of my classmates, upon seeing my drawer full of prints, exclaimed that I had an entire “hidden garden” – a phrase that has stuck with me as I have continued the work at home.

frogmans 2015 hidden garden IMG_4680


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