Mexico City Residency and Symposium

2018 has begun with adventure – a 10-day residency in Mexico City where I shared my work with various groups of artists for feedback and critique, visited studios to meet with Mexican artists and collectives, saw some of the sights and exhibitions of this enormous city, learned how to prepare nopales for handmade corn tortillas, etc., etc. And one of the real highlights – collaborating with artists from other countries to perform my words at a symposium put on by the ELSE Foundation entitled On Limits, Borders, Edges, and Boundaries. I’m so thankful for artist friends who didn’t hesitate to collaborate and who invited me to try new things with my words. (Photo credits to JoMichelle Piper; photo and video credits and Malvina Sammarone)


Short excerpt from “Messaging Across Time: Communicating Care through Epistolary Praxis.”


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