Lex: continuing coverage

When one embarks on a research-recovery project, part of the hope is always that the research might help the subject to become better known. My exhibition and publication on German artist Alice Lex-Nerlinger are now nearly two years old, which in academic circles can feel like very old news, but I’m excited by the bits and pieces that continue to come to the surface from the project.

lex book cover preview

Jay Clarke recently wrote a lovely review of the book for Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Woman’s Art Journal (which unfortunately isn’t viewable online but they kindly sent me a PDF to share with the museum folks in Berlin).

Lynette Roth, the curator of Inventur: Art in Germany 1943-55, currently on view at the Harvard Art Museums, saw the Lex show back in 2016 and subsequently included Lex in her curatorial project. I won’t get to see the show but I hope to see the catalogue soon.

And there’s a lovely tribute to Lex’s work on the site On This Date in Photography, full of images.



  1. You’ve paid Lex a great service in what you have done in researching her work and life and in presenting the exhibition, which was so long overdue. Your efforts will continue to live on…its not ‘old news’ but a part of the living record of academic work for which I am sure I am not alone in thanking you.

  2. Thank you so much! I so often feel like I am writing / making in a kind of vacuum, sending things out into the world and waiting to see what, if anything, will come of them – so these eventual threads, and your kind feedback, are much appreciated.

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