Winter Walking

During my time in Alberta, as I was walking every day in the snow and ice, sun and wind, I was also reading about walking and writing about walking. I wrote a series of texts over a period of ten weeks, each week offering a meditation on ways of walking and methods of listening.

Thanks to the opportunity to work in the great print studios of the University of Alberta, I was able to give visual form to my writing, developing a series of large-scale digital prints. These ten prints currently encircle one of the galleries at the Mulvane Art Museum, featured in my Invitations to Listen exhibition.

And they also appear outdoors, on signs spread across the Washburn University campus. Winter Walking is not only a series of digital prints but also an 8-channel sound piece. And since the campus is used by both students and community members for daily walking, it seemed only right to extend the piece beyond the walls of the museum. Ten signs, placed along the walking paths, reproduce my imagery and include a QR code that links to a stereo version of my sound piece. Walkers are invited to scan the code and to walk and listen along.


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