Call for Papers for an anthology to be proposed…

22 03 2010

Have Milk, Will Travel: Comic Adventures in Breastfeeding

Calling all nursing mother-writers: Have you ever sprayed milk across the room at a particularly inopportune moment? Wrangled a nursing toddler in a sticky situation? Traveled across the globe, or even across town, with a nursing babe and surprising results? Do you fancy yourself somewhat of a comedienne and have you lost all modesty through years of pregnancy and nursing?

Share your stories!

Please send your real-life stories (short or long, 500-2000 words) by October 30, 2010 to:

Rachel Epp Buller,

Subject line: comic nursing stories

Please include a 50-word bio along with your story



6 responses

3 05 2010
Katje Sabin

Is this for pay, or are you asking for volunteer submissions? Thanks…

3 05 2010

Strictly volunteer at this point, although if I am able to secure some lucrative contract, I will GLADLY share the wealth with contributors!

20 08 2010

it would probably be therapeutic for me to recall those years of my life. we’ll see if i pull it off by sept 1.

20 08 2010

flexible deadline, if you’re interested…

21 09 2010

How, um, flexible, is the deadline?

21 09 2010

I’ve extended the deadline to the end of October. Thanks for your inquiry, and I hope to see something from you!

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