Call for Papers for an anthology to be proposed…

Have Milk, Will Travel: Comic Adventures in Breastfeeding

Calling all nursing mother-writers: Have you ever sprayed milk across the room at a particularly inopportune moment? Wrangled a nursing toddler in a sticky situation? Traveled across the globe, or even across town, with a nursing babe and surprising results? Do you fancy yourself somewhat of a comedienne and have you lost all modesty through years of pregnancy and nursing?

Share your stories!

Please send your real-life stories (short or long, 500-2000 words) by October 30, 2010 to:

Rachel Epp Buller,

Subject line: comic nursing stories

Please include a 50-word bio along with your story



  1. Strictly volunteer at this point, although if I am able to secure some lucrative contract, I will GLADLY share the wealth with contributors!

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