Review benefits

I learned long ago that one of the best benefits of writing book reviews is that it’s a great excuse to read the books that look so good but that might otherwise go unread. I’ve been writing reviews for Woman’s Art Journal for several years now and each time, the books are an unexpected pleasure to read and review, particularly since the commissioning editor selects books for me that are specifically tailored to my interests. Last year it was Ulrike Mueller’s Bauhaus Women, this year it was two very different approaches to the work of Eva Hesse, Vanessa Corby’s Eva Hesse: Longing, Belonging and Displacement and E. Luanne McKinnon’s Eva Hesse: Spectres 1960. And an added bonus in the most recent issue of WAJ was an in-depth article on the work of Mimi Smith, whose Steel Peignoir I often admired during my time at the Spencer Museum of Art. Check out the table of contents:


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