Walking the Labyrinth

Several weeks ago, on the eve of the September 11 anniversary, my children and I attended a service of healing at Prairie View’s Peace Labyrinth. For the kids, it was a reminder of a labyrinth that we walked in Berlin; for me, it was also a reminder of my father and the labyrinths we saw in travels through France. Some time later, I took my drawing students on a field trip to the labyrinth. Getting out of the classroom on a beautiful, sunny morning, they had the opportunity to walk the labyrinth or to just be in nature and draw what was around them. Their sketchbooks showed thoughtful studies and some students have since returned to the labyrinth–to walk, to draw, to meditate. This place is a gift, tucked away in our community.



  1. Rachel, I loved watching your kids in the labyrinth — I especially loved watching Daisy — while Daniel was walking on the “path” parts, she was walking on the lines — I loved her way of seeing it, for her right then, the lines between what most of us saw as the path was HER path. What wisdom! We get caught up in how something should be, and fail to see other opportunities!!

  2. Thank you, Beth! I completely agree. So often, children, students, and even other adults help me to see in a completely different way so that I sometimes wonder, “What else am I missing?”

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