New York Inspiration

After the end of the semester, I took a few days last week to make a trip to New York to feast upon art. Some visual exhaustion after three whirlwind days of museums and galleries was well worth it. One of the best parts was finding so many examples of work to share with my students next year – especially after seeing the Kehinde Wiley show at the Jewish Museum – and lots of reminders of artists to cover in my Women and Gender in Art class next spring. Other highlights: Keith Haring at the Brooklyn Museum; the Steins Collect show at the Met, as well as the Prada-Schiaparelli show; the Cindy Sherman and Print/Out shows at MoMA; my dear friend Erin’s “Presidents in Petticoats” show at ICP; happening upon a dance and music performance at the Whitney Biennial; and finding this Vermeer-inspired mural hidden in an inner courtyard.


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